Wildroot Flower Co. DIY Wreath Workshop


Three things I am really passionate about are  1. Small business 2. Handmade  and 3. Community.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to attend a DIY workshop held by Wildroot Flower Co and experience the benefits of all three! It wasn't even one my classes and I literally could've jumped out of my skin I was so happy. It is so exciting to see small businesses supported the way that they are  in this valley. PLEASE do yourself a favor and head over to Instagram and give @wildroot_flowerco a follow. You will be glad you did because she shares nothing but beautiful images of her hand grown florals + other design work.  

So about this DIY class...small business owner, Lyndsay didn't miss a detail. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with friendly faces, beautiful greenery and a sweet little treat. I knew right away, this is going to be good!


 I could've stayed for hours, just starring at all the greenery. Listen,  you should know that I am NOT a plant lady. I LOVE plants, but I have never had the knowledge to know what to do with or how to care for anything living (aside from my kiddos and that's still debatable). Seriously, I couldn't keep cacti alive this summer. I love organic anything, but my experience lies with faux plants.  Everything on the table at this workshop was real, fresh and beautiful. Cue all the senses! Now I am eager to learn more.

Lyndsay spent the first part of the class providing her knowledge of the greenery and how to build the wreath from the start of the wreath form to tying it off at the end. She then walked us through making the bow. That was the most challenging part! Luckily she had a couple little "elves" there to help us out when we struggled.  Then it was our turn to get to work on the main piece! We got to pick out which greenery to add to the full frasier fir wreath sitting in front of us. The picture to the right  about is a sample of a few greens I used. Magnolia leaves, boxwood, pine, there was so much to choose from and you couldn't go wrong with any of it!

Now it was time to layer! This was my favorite part because then you could see it transform with more color, shape and texture. All the things I love about making home decor! Here is a close up of my wreath.


I am so pleased with how mine turned out. I absolutely can't wait until next year's class. My mom + sisters are definitely adding this workshop to our list of holiday traditions!


Wildroot's next workshop will be a container gardening class  in April. You definitely don't want to miss, so make sure you follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up on the events and watch what she is growing! She is also working on a website that will be launched soon...wildrootflowerco.com

Happiest of Holidays to You!



PS If you love super, soft small business swag, like me then contact WildRoot Flower Co. They have some really great options! I snagged this v-neck tee at the workshop.

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